In my opinion, the answer is YES. …..WHY?   Subplots help your story by creating Obstacles for your main character to overcome. A good subplot adds conflict and tension and runs within the main plot. It is very important to the main story. It is the Secondary tale used to strengthen the main story.  It can take the novel in another direction by adding more obstacles, if you find that your story is moving at a slow pace.  You can also add another subplot if your story is moving at a fast pace and you need to slow it down. Subplots can be resolved during the progress of the story, or they can be resolved at the end. You can create a subplot that is a contrast working against the goals of the main character…For instance, add a best friend who is secretly jealous of your main character, or add a business relationship which has gone sour, or a job lost. There are many ways to add a subplot to increase tension and add conflict.

      Short stories do not require a subplot.  However, longer short stories should have a subplot.

    In writing your first book of a Series, a subplot can be unresolved at the end, leaving the  reader eager to know what will happen in the next book.

   When planning the outline of your next book, keep in mind the Harry Potter books…. so successful in the use of subplots, that they were visually reproduced into great movies. All of the subplots throughout the entire Series, added suspense, conflicts and excitement to the ongoing story.

Have you used subplots? Did you find them a good addition to your story?

I welcome your comments: Paula