Destiny back cover- sml


The Covid Pandemic had a great influence on me. The office where I worked for many, many years was forced to close due to employees getting covid.  I spent the following two and 1/2 years, as many of you, not working.  My ambition to write, to keep in touch, all gone. I placed my current novel on hold, and only, after scolding myself, edited it with the help of Word Press, back at work, preparing it for publication.  I will contact all of you as quickly as I can after submitting the novel, by way of my BLOG.  Please, accept my most sincere apologies for the delay.

To make amends, I am offering a free copy of STEERED BY DESTINY, a lost love Romance, which I hope you will enjoy. Reply to: with your name & address, for this FREE offer. This offer is limited to the first 100 followers.

Thank you! Paula