The day you finish your novel brings a sigh of relief to a long journey.  You read it several times, checked grammar, word selection page count, and you are now ready to submit it to an Editor for final judgment and changes, hoping it is ready for publication.  You pause…Why? Is it because you are still uncertain of its appeal to your reader, too short, or too long, or a million other reasons running through your mind?

We all have moments after working so long on a novel, but I believe we must not stop, but go on!


Questions, Questions, they come in a blast

Did you write a great story or will it be your last.

Is it what publishers want or do they need something more

Is the novel too short, too long, or is it a bore

Are the characters real and their conflicts true

Or do they go on living in the same hot stew

Does your story have a happy or sad ending

 Is this the correct message you are sending?

If you are happy with what you have done

Get off you seat now; your time has just begun