What is Success:



“No one knows what he can do till he tries.” Publilius Syrus (1st C. B.C.)

Success is measured many different ways.   Is it the ability to convert ideas into things? Or, Is it the enjoyment of achieving your goal after years of failure? Does having wealth  insure success? Is success greedy or is it insignificant? Can we measure success  knowing that when we go to sleep each night, we are confident that our talents and abilities served others? Is it the ability to live your life your own way? or make your own rules?

The above are the thoughts of famous people. They are all different.  For me, success will be completing my fifth Novel and finding a Publisher who wants to print it.

Yes, I have written four  novels and still do not consider myself successful. I am grateful for the opportunity to self-publish the four novels, and I would not trade the happiness and satisfaction I felt when I saw the words I created in printed form.   Yet, I still strive for the success of other authors I admire, Like James Patterson, Terry Brooks, Mary Higgins Clark, Diana Galbadon, and so many others. I strive to write as well as they do– to make my characters personalities stronger and more stimulating and my stories so interesting my readers can’t wait for me to publish another.

I would like to share with you what my Grandson, aged twelve, believed Success was when his teacher asked him to write down his thoughts:


What is success? Is it to grow up and become wealthy or is it too become intelligent and smart. Is it something you earn in a day or something you earn in a life time of hard work. Is it great or is it a word to describe a joyful person. My meaning of success is someone who has no regrets and goes for the touchdown every play even though it may be a hundred yards away. It’s a person who strives to be the greatest he could be, not how someone else can be. Success is when things go right and you have the answer. It’s like going into a test, are you going to be prepared or are you not ready for what’s going to happen. Success could be the aftermath of something amazing or a new song working its way up the charts. Success all starts with the preparation. You need to be tough. You need to go to a good school and not party all the time. You need to prepare to be successful to be someone who changes the world, someone who is a leader not a follower, a person who doesn’t quit and fights to the last second even though they are down by 50 points and they know deep inside they can’t come back. Success is many things but is mostly being smart and having a good out come in life. That’s what success means to me

By  Max Runyon   (10/15/14)