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A LITTLE NOTE:  I have used AUTOCRIT  since writing my first Book, and believe it is one of the best Editing Programs available.  TRY IT !

We all need help to correct punctuation, word misspellings, and sentence structure.

Your relative, or best friend, will always tell you your manuscript is great because they care about your feelings.  But your best friend or relative will not catch all problems, like repeated words;  a sentence that is way too long; and rambles on, or using lay, when you should have said lie.  I used a close family member and a good friend, to read my first manuscript, before publication and asked for them to note corrections.  What I did not realize, is that there are other errors, not always seen easily, that were overlooked and I learned later how wrong I was in believing I had done all I could.

Jocelyn of AutoCrit writes a great Blog on the latest events; freelance jobs for writers, and valuable information for all authors.