At one time or another, each of us has sat in front of the computer, hands positioned over the black keys— ready to begin our next story—anxious to put down that important first sentence. Did you sit, as I did, before the bright blank screen, daring you to deface the void, by typing one lonely letter? And, how long did you sit, staring into space, surrounded by silence, before you gave up?

I have always used music as my cure, playing softly in the background ,where my brain can escape from today’s world, into a calmer, nicer place. There my characters patiently await my typed word.  Sometimes it does not work, and I’m forced to seek another remedy.  I close down my computer, and take a nice long walk, stopping for ice cream, before I return home, to sit again before a bright blank screen.

 I was curious as to how others cured writer’s block and asked google. Never in my wildest dreams could I begin to imagine the endless responses available to me, especially when youTube popped up. There were videos after videos—with advice on how to cure a writer’s block. 

One suggestion was to purchase Vanadinite crystals because they are magical and have the ability to stimulate the mind.

  • Search the Calendar for some big event that happened many years ago and write about it.
  • Walk– which I usually do
  • Find a Motivational Phrase such as:          “IT IS EASY TO WALK AWAY – AND MUCH MORE DIFFICULT TO STAY”
  • Read– it is a known fact that reading inspires the writer.
  • Headphones– get rid of them and listen to the world around you;
  • Do Yoga or Tai Chi;
  • Write something different, like a Song or a Poem, or a Scene from another story.

I thought using prompts a good idea. For example, someone gives you a word and you write about it. If the word were” Mystery” you would think of a murder that needs to be solved. Or, Romance, and you think of a love story that may or may not end happily ever after.

I especially liked the suggestion to create a new Character: Make up a name, what does he or she look like? How old is the character?  When did he or she appear, and what part does your character play in the story?

Here’s to the end o f WRITER’S BLOCK, Paula