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In the 20’s and 30’s Louis Armstrong inspired Jazz

  Duke Ellington gave it pizzazz

Ella Fitzgerald came around then

Gene Autry was in the saddle again

We go to the 40’s and in demand

Is Harry James and his band

Tommy Dorsey plays his best

Doris day is his guest

It’s the 50’s and who should appear

New Groups and Singers I had to hear

Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Johnny Cash

Kay Starr, Loretta Lynn, Ink Spots, make a splash

In the 60’s and 70’s, Pop Music is in

Beach Boys, Beatles, Carpenters win

Elton John, Carole King, Marvin Gaye

Hot. Hot, Hot, all the way

The 80’s on there’s lots of mix

County, Pop and Rock gives us the fix

Rihanna, Phil Collins, Taylor Swift, all great

Take the time to listen, don’t wait



                                               IS IT GOOD OR BAD ADVICE?

In the latest issue of “Writers Digest” is an article by Jeff Somers, I had to pass on to my readers. I can only cover some of his topics due to the length.

As writers, we carefully edit our manuscript, correcting any mistakes, and pay special attention to correct punctuation, wording, etc. before releasing it for publication.  Many of us, including myself, seek the opinions of friends, family, authors, and volunteers willing to read the novel, as the last check before submission.

In addition to the opinions of my family and friends, I read everything I found by those I considered authorities, but I was confused and conflicted about different interpretations of the same advice. In the back of my head was the same question until I read this wonderful Article.

QUESTION: When is it okay to NOT follow the advice given you by others, Read below what Jeff  Somers wrote about “THE RULES’.

  1. WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW:  Write what you know was not meant to reject your imagination.  You can write about stuff you know nothing about— just write a story you want to read.
  • SHOW DON’T TELL: When showing injects unnecessary verbosity, don’t.  That rule implies that “telling” is Lazy, while showing takes real talent. You need to balance the showing and the telling, 
  • WRITE EVERY DAY:  The discipline of working regularly is good and stops you from being one of those who talks about writing but never does. But, not all can write every day.  Think of it as a goal, not a requirement.
  • KILL YOUR DARLINGS:It is probably the most misunderstood and misapplied piece of writing advice in the history of writing. Don’t delete writing you like and never look back.
  • INVEST IN A THESAURUS: Having a large vocabulary as an author is great—but it’s only half the battle. You need to feel comfortable, and your word choices should fit your characters.
  • NEVER WRITE A PROLOGUE:The implication is that you are an amateur. In reality it is possible to pull off a prologue, but you need purpose.
  • AVOID THE PASSIVE VOICE: Yes, it is grammatically correct, and we are told it is lazy writing. However, there are forms of passive that are acceptable and necessary.

 I hope the above encourages you to subscribe to this wonderful magazine and read the entire article.

Happy writing, Paula



Want to Leave your Readers Hungry for your Next Novel?

The final chapter, of your novel is written and you believe it will be satisfying to your readers, with no loose ends and unanswered questions.  But, are your readers hungry for your next novel? If there is any doubt in your mind, below are some useful suggestions before you begin the Final Chapter..

1.Leave room:  for your readers’ imaginations and allow them to picture what happens next, without being told: “They lived happily ever after.”
2.Foreshadow: Plant seeds in advance—small clues that will make the end seem natural.
3.Build-up Mystery:  A good mystery needs a build-up toward the climax with lots of twists and turns during the telling of the story.
4.Pace: To create a mystery, write shorter scenes, sentences and chapters to increase the momentum.  Save the largest scene for your last Chapter.
5.Reveal:  Show how your characters changed in the story.
6.Romance:  For romances, the above are still important. If a romantic mystery, use the same pace as #4..  All romances need a build-up- but without many complications, either  between the lovers, or the events that get in the way of a happy union.
7. Similar Book endings:  Check other books similar to your story, and review how the author ended the final chapter.  Try several options—put them aside—then read again, later, and see which one makes the most sense for your story.

In my opinion, one of the best storytellers of mystery and suspense was the late Alfred Hitchcock. His television series always had an unexpected ending—one I never anticipated, and although it was not always a happy ending; but always satisfying. Each of his stories is a lesson for mystery writers.  His movies, too,  are well worth seeing. ( Shocking, Frightening, and deliciously, wickedly Amazing.)

Happy Ending,Paula




correcting-_640 (2)


The final draft of your book is done.  Now you get to  relax?.  No, you can’t.!

The next step is to self-edit—the edit you, as author, should do. After all, it is a Draft , and only you are familiar with the story, and can easily correct  all self-made errors , like noticing  where your story wanders away from  the scene being played out. Or when characters are not clearly defined ,and how about incorrect spellings, punctuation errors, and poor  word choices.

First print all the pages of your book. Then as you read, correct the errors you find on the printed  page, and  then on the computer.


  1. Use words your reader can relate to—Simple words and not  words needing the use of a dictionary.  Remember, the more the reader stops, the less interest he or she has in  continuing.
  2. Show don’t Tell.— Use an action word to show, anger, instead of saying : He is angry. Example: He slammed the door behind him
  3. Do not use the word almost. Example, She almost cried.   The character either cried, or did not.
  4. Don’t sermonize or preach to your reader.
  5. Try reading your novel out loud. You may find areas where improvement is needed
  6. Omit Clichés and use “said” for dialogue instead of “explained, declared, etc.”

After you complete your self-edit, then retain the services of a professional Editor so your book is finally ready for publication,  and, at long last, you can either rest, or begin another story.


Don’t ever give up in frustration, Paula







by Paula Perron

The true meaning of this American day is to honor all military who died while serving their country, and is observed on the last Monday of May each year, since 1971.

We all know someone who died while in service.
Who fought side by side to keep and preserve us.
A loved one who’s life came to an end
A brave protector who’ll never mend
The heartbreak we face every time
To lose one, in his or her prime
Let us remember with every beat of our heart
They fought and died- they did their part
So, we could live at this time and place
We are one people, the human race
God’s children, God’s creation
Let us work toward a renewed dedication
One people living on earth
With peace forever, a new rebirth


by Paula Perron
You have worked hard, for your education.
 Waiting for the day of your elevation
 You learn there is no plan for graduation
No one to witness years of dedication
Was, this choice given any consideration?

Do not despair, or show frustration
We cannot change a bad situation
For this country now faces eradication
As a pandemic plows across our nation

You are a graduate of life and motivation
With the spirit to fight this contamination
Soon we will enjoy its’ termination
And all will cherish a great celebration


I wish all Mothers a happy Mother’s day, from a mother who is happy to have three children, and three grandchildren whom I love dearly even though this year I cannot spend the day with them.


When all is done and all is clear

You can thank Mother dear

When you heart begins to break

Because you made a big mistake

Count on mom to solve your fears

And wipe away your salty tears

When disappointment stops you cold

Who’s always there for you to hold

Your mother is there day and night

To always guide you to do right

She who loves you no matter what

Who supports you to give it all you got

Be grateful to mother on this day

Her love always keeps the gloom away



For the safety of others, and myself, I obeyed the orders to remain at home, but now I am ready to leave and get back to work. At first, I enjoyed getting up later, not having to primp, choose what to wear, and jump into my car and get on the highway in time. With each passing day I grew lazier until Word Press’s Discover Prompts, started the daily “Word” a challenge for writers to keep on writing.  Each day was a different word to write about and I know that many of you participated.  It was fun and a great distraction from boredom.

One of my passions is writing I took the opportunity to answer the daily word in Verse, and did not expect the response I received. I thank you all for your kind words.  Now that I am eager to leave my house, I expressed my feelings with another Verse.


Today marks eight weeks at home.

Feel like a prisoner under a dome

I understand the urgent need

The time has come to be freed

I want to smell some fresh air

And take a walk to anywhere

I am tired of the same old news

And listening to hundreds of views

Let’s ask Mother Nature to end this curse

Because things could not be any worse

As always, I welcome all comments.  Thanks, Paula




What is going on in this world today?

Those at home think there’s no way

Some believe no end is in sight

Others say this is a dangerous plight

This is America, land of the brave

This is not how Americans behave

Let us be grateful for those who serve

Give them the honor they deserve

Be grateful for your neighbor’s aid

For the kindness of strangers who stayed

For the food generously shared

By those who gave, because they cared

Keep faith in all you do

The best will always come to you

Be grateful how far we have come

For we as a country will not succumb




I have always believed the artist makes or breaks the success of the song so this is my list of the ten best music vocalists and/or groups. The choice was difficult because I listen to many others that I believe deserve to be on my list.

1. Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion, singing songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “phantom of the Opera”

2. Josh Groban anything he sings, but I love “Believe” from, Polar Express.

3. .The late Whitney Houstons’s version of “I will always love you.”  

4. Frank Sinatra, called The Voice and he was just that – “all the way”   

5.Barbra Streisand’s  “People” and “Somewhere”, brings tears every time.

6.One Republic –“A sky full of Stars” and “Apologize.”

7.Carrie Underwood- “Before he Cheats”

8. Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, “Hello Dolly”.

9.Imagine Dragons for “Radioactive”, and “Thunder.”

10. Mariah Carey- for her version of  All I Want For Christmas


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The Right Focus by Paula Perron

I think this prompt is meant to provoke us

All I can think of is hocus-pocus

My mind is too busy to focus

I’d do better if I created an opus

I don’t take pictures- they’re never right

It’s either dark or too darn light

I chop off heads and lose feet

then I have to take the heat

So from now on I will defocus

And try my best to refocus