A red herring is a misleading statement, question, or argument meant to redirect a conversation away from its original topic.

Authors use this form to keep readers in suspense while writing a mystery.  In the Hound of the Baskervilles, the obvious suspect is the butler. One of the important clues is the murderer has a beard as does the butler.

In “The DaVinci Code”, Bishop Aringarosa is the red herring. The author implies that the bishop is the mastermind behind the plot of the book, and readers suspect him the entire time.

You can use the red herring technique when writing in any genre. It is useful in political debates, where one candidate changes the topic to distract the opponent. It is successful in advertisements to convince the reader to purchase the product. It is the choice of defense lawyers to draw attention away from the main point. Using misleading techniques can create continual suspense for the reader, until the last page.

In all of these instances, the red herring is a misleading, false clue, aiming to draw the attention of the reader away from the current point of view that is the main plot of the story. This information is available on- line if you want more examples of the technique.   Try it! Paula



Did you know that the New York Unions, launched “Labor Day” in the year 1882?…Why?

At that time, working conditions were not good. Manual labor was hard on the working class, having to press on for hours and hours. Even children, who were part of the workforce, were required to labor, twelve hours per day, six days a week.

The Unions wanted to celebrate all working members for their dedication, and decided to sponsor a PARADE TO HONOR THEM.

It was not until 1887 when Labor Day was made a Federal Holiday, giving every worker the day off.  From that time forward, we Americans, observe Labor Day on the first Monday in September, of each year.

 In September of this year (2022), we will observe Labor Day on September 5th to honor, and recognize the contributions of all laborers.                                            

Unfortunately, September 5th is considered, by most, the last day of summer. However, it is still over 80 degrees, and some of us (me included) may try to enjoy Labor Day on the beach or in the pool. Then, we will look forward to the Season of Autumn and the falling leaves of red, gold, and brown shades, followed by October’s Halloween trick or treaters. Winter brings Thanksgiving, and delightful; soft snow for skiing, sleighing, and skating.

All our seasons are beautiful, in their own way, but for me, the best holiday of the year comes in December, when all families get together to share their happiness, love and devotion to each other, and their Creator.

                                        ENJOY YOUR DAY OFF-   Paula