FIRST PERSON: One of the characters is the narrator of your story.

SECOND PERSON: A character is built around the “YOU” pronoun—” The narrator is speaking directly to you. (This is, not used much)

THIRD PERSON: The author is the narrator and refers to character as he/she. By using this method, the third person can move anywhere in your story, including following one character, and revealing thoughts and feelings of that character, and the reader experiences what the character feels and thinks.

Some stories need more than one point of view. If you decide you want two or more different points of view, each character should have a voice in the story and, a backstory. Try using the Protagonist, and the Antagonist as the two to have a voice in your story.

CAUTION: Using too many characters, having points of view may confuse your reader.

An interesting way to add interest, to your story, and keep your reader in suspense, is to have two characters, telling the same story, but with different opinions and facts. This can prove to be confusing, so be certain to use clear dialogue and action tags so the reader can tell who is speaking. It is easier the first time, to choose one of the main characters, (such as the Protagonist) who will receive more focus in the story, as your, First Person narrator. Sometimes the Antagonist is a more exciting choice. It all depends on the story.

    Try all Points of View- Its’ fun—Paula


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I wrote myself a note today
To share with you in this way
Some you heard as you grew
Some you may think as new

Keep on learning day and night
Never, never give up the fight
Show others kindness when you can
Help to choose a worthy plan

Keep those you love very close
Share your love in a large dose
Support those who need it most
be a gracious, thoughtful host

Be ready to serve when called upon
Be the person they all count on
Trust the faith in your heart
To direct your choices from the start

Be happy in all you do
The best of life will come to you
When the threat comes to an end
You will always have a friend



Before you launch your new Novel, the next step, for authors, is to get reviews. I know some of you will ask why is it important you do this first?

 Book reviews play an important part in the marketing and sales of any new Book.  Reviewers have the expertise and knowledge to evaluate the material, decide if it will appeal to readers, and its sales ability, as they read, and they always give an honest analysis.

 Sure, you can use family, or friends, to read and review your book, but due to their closeness to you, the author, their reviews are not generally considered.  Some retailers will not allow a family members or close friends to publish a review.

It is suggested when looking for a reviewer, try Goodreads, Reddit, your social website, other blogs, or if you have a print or e-book format, you can hand out some to your readers, allowing them the time to read and review it.

There are sites that are free such as, Choosy, Bookworm, Readers’ Favorite. Search on-line for reviewers such as book clubs, author newsletters, and book websites.   

 Planning, before publication, will get the word out about your book early, and build up your readership. To further help, consider writing a blog, or use social media to advertise the publication of the book, and ask for Reviewers by giving away a free book, free shipping or a discount for a limited time.

Good Luck to all— Paula