“Anyone can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in the error.” Cicero 43-44 B.C

That quote was meant for me! 

I want to tell you a story—a story others may find they have experienced and, others who have not given it any thought, until now— by telling all of my readers about the mistakes I made, and admitting I should have known better.

When I completed my Trilogy, I, knew I was capable of grammatical and punctuation errors, so I sought professional advice and a referral for someone to edit my books.  Of course, price was a motivating factor, and so I enlisted the services of a private professional individual to read and edit my books. I sent the corrected manuscripts to a publisher of e-books, and when they advised me they were completed, and ready to send, I assumed my converted manuscripts were corrected of all errors.  I WAS SO WRONG.

Besides the e-books listed on all major retailers, I now have printed books for the trilogy, all containing errors. I am now the not-so-proud owner of hundreds of books, which are not saleable.  I blame no one but myself.  My shredder will get a major workout.

I strongly suggest you select a well-known and respected Editor, before attempting to publish.  Also, re-read the corrections before sending it for publication, and again when conversion is done.  This would have saved me time and money.  $$$…READ…READ…READ $$$…and then READ again. This motto is sitting on my desk right now.

If you are willing to read these e-books, errors and all, you can download them on your reader by going to the following link and you will receive the first book of the Trilogy, HIDDEN HILLS “The Search.”   In exchange I would sincerely appreciate your thoughts and comments.