Want a top SEO ranking?  Want to increase your followers and interest more readers? The right keywords is the key.

Remember the last time you searched for something on-line, typed in your word or phrase,  and lots of options came up?   Those were keywords your browser found by   roaming the internet. Not all words are ranked high. Why?  As you can guess, rankings are determined by how many times a keyword appears in either an advertisement or on a landing page on your website.  Even Posts are searched.

Example, say you are writing a romance novel. If you search the word “ROMANCE”, you will find, in Amazon, many books about Romance—too many. It would be difficult to find your book. So, you decide you need to narrow the search, and select “Historical Romance”. Even though Amazon does list sub-categories such as: (Victorian, Scottish, Time Travel, etc.)  What if you still need help in finding the right phrase or keywords so your romance novel stands out?

Begin, by making a list of all the words and phrases used in your book. Go page by page; chapter by chapter and write down what you think.  Then list them on a piece of paper. Ask yourself, what is special about your book.  What does it say?  Is its’ strength your plot or characters or events? Write those words down.

Then check Amazon for its rankings, using the list of words and phrases you have written down. Go to: Select kindle store and type in your first word.  Write down suggested keywords.

Then try Google.  It will evaluate and suggest keywords  used by advertisements on book campaigns. You will need to set up an account with Google. It is easy and fast. When asked: your product category is Books & Literature. By the way, Google is free. 

Most writers agree both Amazon and Google mirror the same keyword rankings. It does not hurt to compare them.

I want to thank  for its wonderful booklet on Unlocking Your Amazon Keywords.

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