We continue to fight a hidden threat
One that millions will not forget
It remains hidden for none to see
and attacks those who try to flee
No one is safe from this hidden blight
 Even those of us who remain out of sight
It has taken lives we hold dear
And driven us with constant fear
The world will never be secure
If we don’t work to find a cure


BELIEVE IN MAGIC by Paula Perron

When I was a little girl, every Saturday morning, I would walk to the local library for story time at 9 am. Once there, I sat excited and ready to listen to the fairy tale the librarian planned for that week.

For one hour I entered into a magical world where a princess always marries a prince and they live happily ever after.

   In the magical world, crickets and animals talk, a wooden puppet becomes a real boy, Elephants can fly, wishes come true, and a kiss awakens a sleeping beauty.

Today I still find magic in a different way

There is magic in how the trees know when to waken and when to sleep; the flowers know when to bloom; the snow and rain know when they are wanted; food we eat grows in dirt and on trees, and the magic of love comes to everyone If they believe.


ELIXIR OF LIFE by Paula Perron

There are many forms of Elixir

Many think it is an alcoholic mixture

an intoxicating spell or cure

Not a spell-nor to lure

We need reminders of what is good

 and is happening in our neighborhood

To learn to keep Motivation growing

And our inner health flowing

We are one people living on this earth

living the best we can for what it’s worth

Together we will find the miracle Elixir

and heal the world so much quicker



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I wrote myself a note today—that I want to share with you
Some you’ve heard every day— some you may think new
Keep on learning day and night—never, never, give up the fight
Show others kindness, when you can,—help to choose a worthy plan
Keep those you love very close—share your love in a large dose
Support those who need it most—be a gracious, thoughtful host
Be ready to serve when called upon—be the person they count on
Trust the faith in your heart—to direct your choices from the start
When the threat comes to an end—you will always have a friend


                                        By Paula Perron

What is the magic of three?

Superstition or factual, let me see

In football, a field goal’s points are three

In Baseball, you are out at strike three

A turkey in bowling is strikes of three

In math, the triangle has edges of three

The circus has rings of three

The Holy Trinity is three

Jesus rose on day number three

Bad luck always comes in three

Superstition or factual- the answer I see

I love you, is the greatest magic of three