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I wrote myself a note today
To share with you in this way
Some you heard as you grew
Some you may think as new

Keep on learning day and night
Never, never give up the fight
Show others kindness when you can
Help to choose a worthy plan

Keep those you love very close
Share your love in a large dose
Support those who need it most
be a gracious, thoughtful host

Be ready to serve when called upon
Be the person they all count on
Trust the faith in your heart
To direct your choices from the start

Be happy in all you do
The best of life will come to you
When the threat comes to an end
You will always have a friend



Before you launch your new Novel, the next step, for authors, is to get reviews. I know some of you will ask why is it important you do this first?

 Book reviews play an important part in the marketing and sales of any new Book.  Reviewers have the expertise and knowledge to evaluate the material, decide if it will appeal to readers, and its sales ability, as they read, and they always give an honest analysis.

 Sure, you can use family, or friends, to read and review your book, but due to their closeness to you, the author, their reviews are not generally considered.  Some retailers will not allow a family members or close friends to publish a review.

It is suggested when looking for a reviewer, try Goodreads, Reddit, your social website, other blogs, or if you have a print or e-book format, you can hand out some to your readers, allowing them the time to read and review it.

There are sites that are free such as, Choosy, Bookworm, Readers’ Favorite. Search on-line for reviewers such as book clubs, author newsletters, and book websites.   

 Planning, before publication, will get the word out about your book early, and build up your readership. To further help, consider writing a blog, or use social media to advertise the publication of the book, and ask for Reviewers by giving away a free book, free shipping or a discount for a limited time.

Good Luck to all— Paula



Every article, essay, documentary, short story, and novel requires marketing, to create interest in readers to buy it.

      There are many “HOW TO” books on Marketing and selling your book. I discovered them easily by going online. You can also.

Here are a few: Bookmarketing expert.com offers publishing your book, selling and promoting it, by placing ads on Tv. radio, magazines and all social media. They claim to have a high success rate, with their sales of books due to their developed relationships with editors and producers.

      BooksButterfly.com, attracts readers looking for deals on books either free or discounted at 99 Cents, claiming their readers check daily for new book offerings. They have up to 4 million readers and for a nominal price, guarantee successful promotion and sale of your novel.

I inquired about TOP EMAIL MARKETING PROVIDERS 2022.      Listed are some I found:


I was also directed to another website “COMPARISON 411.COM “suggesting we use them to compare email marketing providers. (They do offer a free trial.)

      A free KDP BOOK PROMOTION is a way to promote your book on “Amazon.” Check UTube, by “Reedsy” for information on promotion, key words, Amazon’s algorithm, and much more.

Have you used a marketing provider, e-mail, or discounting to sell more books?  I humbly ask you to advise me whom you used and how it worked out. I believe your response will be helpful to other writers who are in the process of making that important decision.

               Respond to: paulaperron@hotmail.com. Thanks so much, Paula




           Love is the sun on a cloudy day

The light in the darkness

It is magic and filled with dreams

It is the fire in every hearth

That keeps you warm

It is your first cup of coffee

your first awakening touch

It has no seasons

You cannot buy it, but it will make you

The richest person in the World

By Paula


Wishing you a great 2022, with health, happiness, and hearts filled with everlasting peace.

My hope for this New Year is the same
No resolutions I will not keep
No deeds I cannot claim
No words I should not speak

Not to want another’s fame
Not to be one of the sheep
Not to play a loser's game
Not to get in too deep

To have a purpose and an aim
To follow thru and take the leap
To fight my fear until its’ tame
And not collapse in one big heap

It’s year 2022 and time to reclaim
The hope and faith that once was bleak
And fan the fire into a flame
And start a winning streak



Ten days before Christmas
There is still much to do
Time to dress up the house 
Lights add a brilliant hue
Take out the ribbons and bows
The Cards and all Tags
The figurines and trinkets 
And all Christmas bags

Find a clear place to start
Wrapping gifts large and small
Sign your cards with love
And a greeting to all

Rest when you are done
You have accomplished a lot
Ten days until Christmas
Is there something you forgot?



Fifteen days until Christmas

And what have you done

Just starting shopping

Don’t forget anyone

I tried to avoid the crowds

By shopping the stores online

Some stores ship quickly

Others take their time

I expect some late arrivals

Must wrap them as best I can

Can’t run out of paper or tags

What happened to my perfect plan

Now, I must run

Got shopping to do

Fifteen days until Christmas

Happy shopping to you





                                             Halloween is almost here

For all kids who hold it dear

All around the town, I view

 Witches, Goblins and Ghosts anew

I see Spider webs that encases

View Ghosts without any faces

Tonight witches take to the air

\Witches, Goblins and Ghosts everywhere

Goblins with evil eyes

Tell scary stories and creepy lies

The carved pumpkins sit at the front

Witches, Goblins and Ghosts grunt

The candy tray, filled to the top

To reach it, all the kids must hop

Of all the children I shall meet

I love the ones who trick or treat

By Paula



Good morning Autumn
Its’ a beautiful, sunny day
I waited all summer
For you to come my way

Good morning Autumn
Its’ early and I can’t wait
To watch leaves of crimson and gold
Fall on my road and gate

Good morning Autumn
The hills and valleys are calling me
To walk the forests and follow the streams
To breathe fresh air, and be free

Good morning Autumn
I stand before this lovely splendor
My soul filled with love and peace
And thank you for a gift to remember


I have always had a love of reading, beginning with “Nursery Rhymes” at a young age, and later with Fairy Tales read to us kids every Saturday morning at the public library. I read many books, mesmerized by the written words, compelling me to turn another page.  I marveled at the author’s technique for capturing emotion—moving a plot along, describing characters so real, I knew them well. I read on as they matured and grew within the pages of the book. I envied the ability of the authors in creating a perfect ending to their stories.

As I grew older, I wrote short stories; created limericks; and wrote rhymed poems.  I was happy knowing I had a skill, but I was not satisfied. I wanted to write as well as my favorite authors, and realized I needed additional schooling. After taking several online writing courses, I was inspired again, but took my time learning more, asking questions, and reading, reading, reading.

I learned even more during that period. Working full time made it difficult to find the time to devote to writing. That woke me up to the fact that I am a PANTZER, (putting writing second), and not a PLOTTER (knowing where my story was going) I realized that my style of writing leaned toward Middle Grade, and I was torn between several genres and could not settle on one. I loved SCI-FI, and loved all Disney FANTASY movies, including ROMANCE, such as The “OUTLANDER” Books, that kept me reading without a break. I questioned myself, many times, asking if I was dedicated enough to become an author without deciding my favorite genre .I decided, YES!

My first novel was a contemporary young adult story about teen gangs in 1950’s New York. My second was a Fantasy about Fairies cursed centuries ago, by an evil goddess, attempting to break the curse.

Can you say you are ready to work hard, devote the necessary time to perfect your story, continue to learn every day by seeking advice from the many writing groups available, accept criticism and rejection, believing it is making you a better writer, learn to be a PLOTTER, who gets things done, and write every day; (remember, you have a story to tell) without ever, ever, thinking to give up? Then,


Good luck, Paula