I have a question: Did you ask  a family member, friend, or maybe a few fellow authors to give you an honest judgment of your first ten pages of your new story? If you did, — “ HURRAH TO YOU!’’ I am certain it convinced you to continue.  That judgment was a short Critique.

Now that you are finished, are you considering a final Critique: If you are not… allow me to explain why I feel a Critique of your finished novel is necessary.

Write the Story you’re anxious to write

Be is sad, scary, romantic, or light

When all is done never fear

 A final review is always near

Read Below and you will see

Why a Critique is Important to me

First: WHAT IS A CRITIQUE??    It is a report that reviews and examines you finished story, essay, or any important art, and evaluates it seriously. Today, Book Reports analyzed by students and the analysis and critique of stories or novels carry on, a Greek Tradition 

1.STYLE: Whether it is family or professional, the person doing the critique, probably will read it first before analyzing if book is worth reading your style and pacing؅.— Is it a typical romance, mystery, or historical novel?  What is the novel’s major argument and is it saleable?  What are its strong and weak points. How effective is the author’s ability to move the plot along.

2, CHARACTERS: Who are they…how do they react, will they be different at the end or not. Do they add tension to the story.

3. POINT OF VIEW: First, Second, or Third person Does it remain consistent throughout the novel.

4. SEASON::  what season is it, winter, summer, fall or spring.  Is it set in a country atmosphere or city or a foreign country..

5. DIALECT:  Do your characters speak contemporary, formal, archaic, and do they too remain consistent?.

6. PACING:  Do your mix sentences—some short, some long? Do you reveal character thoughts and feelings; for example:  anxiety, emotion, fear, love, and do your  characters change at the finality.?

7. CONCLUSION:  Will the ending be satisfactory to your readers, and does it solve all the question and situations occurring in your novel.

.NOTE: Your final Critique will allow you to make any new changes, to your story, prior to editing  and publication




SETTING  Romance, with medical theme- Time winter, I decide to write through Susan’s eyes which are first person.  Susan is main character. – Situation- finish college. Susan wants-career, and not marry Alex.

Example:  Susan, is in her last year of college, when she is involved in a serious automobile accident and placed in a medically induced coma, by Dr. Rand, where she meets John, and falls in love.

EVENT –SUB-PLOT 1  Example: When awakened from induced Coma, she no longer dreams of John. She believes he is not a figment of her imagination, but a real person, and is determined to find him.

EVENT- SUB-PLOT 2   Example: Susan’s mother wants her to drop college and marry Alex, the boy next door, because he is wealthy. After release from hospital, Susan needs therapy and must return home for continual care. She fears not being able to graduate and continue to pay for her education..

EVENT-SUB-PLOT 3  Example: She leaves home, without advising mother, and returns to apartment she shares with Helen, her roommate, intending to return to classes.  After advising Helen of her financial circumstances, and her desire to find John, Helen volunteers to help.  They search but do not find John.

EVENT-CLIMAX   Example: Susan faces the fact she is unable to find John, and must go on with her plans to graduate and earn her Masters.  At the suggestion of Dr. Rand, she agrees to continue physical and psychological therapy at the hospital.

EVENT RESOLUTION:  Example: During her last session with Dr. Rand, she learns he is instrumental in her quick recovery due to an experimental treatment, and agrees to allow him to publish his findings. At graduation, she receives unexpected financial help to complete her education, and learns where John is.

HINTS:  It is important to show how your main character changes from beginning to end.

Create excitement by emphasizing incidents that will change everything for main character.

Metaphors can be a powerful description. Use them.

Remember to build tension to the highest point (see sketch), and then dropping to lowest point by revealing character’s disappointment. This will lead to climax and a resolution that will satisfy your reader.

NOTE FROM AUTHORNot all writers use an outline. Some allow characters to guide them by their actions. However, many believe an outline of your story will keep you on the correct path and not allow you to deviate from your plot.



A few months back, I wrote a message to the Class of 2020. At that time, none of the graduates expected a graduation ceremony. My two grandsons accepted, with disappointment, the end of their last year in high school, without a prom, or ceremony.

I was so happy when both schools decided to hold a graduation ceremony on their football field, following all guidelines of the CDC in separating students and parents, from each other, and requiring we all wear masks. Sometimes, it can be difficult, for me, to say personally what my heart wants to say to them, so I wrote it in prose.

I believe they would want me to share this with all graduates who worked hard for the opportunity to enjoy their years of hard work. So here it is!


by Paula Perron

Stay as sweet as you are

I promise you will go far

Be proud of the distance you have come

And happy you are now an alum.

Take the road you are destined for

I know you will be something more

In times like this some will win

So face all obstacles with a grin

Be steadfast in all that you do

For the best will forever come to you


This is the middle of summer, and a second heat wave is here. What do most of you do? Do you go to the beach, and jump into the cool ocean?  Or, do you lie in the sun hoping to get a tan?  Maybe, you dive into your pool, and later barbeque some burgers, and gulp down a cold beer. Do you go out to eat, as more and more of us, do not want to cook when it’s hot?  …As for me;

 I think it is a great time to WRITE that Story or Novel! (Especially, if you have air-conditioning.)

HEAT WAVE BY Paula Perron

The hot sun is sneaking through my windows

Reminding me of its power

I close the blinds, and sit down to write

For another hour

A fan is sitting on my desk blowing ice cool air

I keep on writing with little care

When it’s lunch, I take a break

Eat a sandwich, and a piece of cake

At 3:00 is ninety degrees

Even so I am cooled by the Fan’s breeze

In the afternoon, four chapters are complete

I print the pages to keep, change, or delete

The sun sets telling me it’s time to end the day

My reward…a drive to the diner leads the way




crop field under rainbow and cloudy skies at dayime

During these hot summer days trying to enjoy what the season has to offer, can be a difficult choice. Admit it, Covid-19 has been with us since early this year. But, we as a people still have the strength to go on because we are resilient.  We must survive now as we have in the past, and we will.  So, here’s to the millions of Americans, and the heroes here and everywhere, fighting, smiling, laughing, and loving each and every day.
Here’s a shout out to those who beat Covid 19.
The doctors, nurses, technicians, and all in between
And a loud Yahoo to the heroes who restored Health
Struggling to help, regardless of poverty or Wealth
Here’s to Laughter; may we giggle and Hoot
Laughter, so important, it is in constant Pursuit
Someday we’ll joke, and tease and have some fun
And look forward to when, our work is Done
Last and so powerful is the value of Love
Do as the many; thank the heavens above
For our nation and all who reside on this earth
And, continue to show what real Love is worth





























A Message to Teenagers,

by Paula Perron

For some time now, I have listened to news reports that the teenage group are not only carriers of Covid 19, but are also candidates for acquiring this virus, and parents feel their teen is not taking it seriously. I remember when I was a teen, I too felt the world was mine for the taking—that I was infallible, and I was living in the present, and my parents were living in the past. It was after I grew older, that I learned how to be more humble, and more compassionate. I do sympathize with parents who constantly stress the dangers of passing on this virus and who leave the discussion without satisfaction. At this time, all teens should listen, and all parents should not give up. I humbly ask parents not to stop teaching, speaking, and being the best parents you can be, for your teen will recognize the danger.

LISTEN TEENS BELIEVE: It is real…You can pass it on —you can catch Covid 19, and you may lose someone you love.



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As the fourth of July comes around, we celebrate our Independence. Not some of us: All of us. Our ancestors came to this country seeking freedom and opportunity. They struggled in this new land, but never lost hope. Together, they built communities, churches, and towns,  never doubting their sacrifices—always  believing in the opportunities their  new home promised.

               We, as a people, have been through tough times, but we always rise above it.  We are resilient, hopeful, durable, strong, and confident in whom we are. Let us be thankful for what we have, freedom, as one people, one nation, living in harmony, in our homeland which I still believe offers us many opportunities to build rather then tear down the progress our ancestors worked so hard for, knowing their sacrifices were made so we and future generations would be proud to live forever as Americans .

by Paula Perron



The day you finish your novel brings a sigh of relief to a long journey.  You read it several times, checked grammar, word selection page count, and you are now ready to submit it to an Editor for final judgment and changes, hoping it is ready for publication.  You pause…Why? Is it because you are still uncertain of its appeal to your reader, too short, or too long, or a million other reasons running through your mind?

We all have moments after working so long on a novel, but I believe we must not stop, but go on!


Questions, Questions, they come in a blast

Did you write a great story or will it be your last.

Is it what publishers want or do they need something more

Is the novel too short, too long, or is it a bore

Are the characters real and their conflicts true

Or do they go on living in the same hot stew

Does your story have a happy or sad ending

 Is this the correct message you are sending?

If you are happy with what you have done

Get off you seat now; your time has just begun


by Paula Perron

The true meaning of this American day is to honor all military who died while serving their country, and is observed on the last Monday of May each year, since 1971.

We all know someone who died while in service.
Who fought side by side to keep and preserve us.
A loved one who’s life came to an end
A brave protector who’ll never mend
The heartbreak we face every time
To lose one, in his or her prime
Let us remember with every beat of our heart
They fought and died- they did their part
So, we could live at this time and place
We are one people, the human race
God’s children, God’s creation
Let us work toward a renewed dedication
One people living on earth
With peace forever, a new rebirth


by Paula Perron
You have worked hard, for your education.
 Waiting for the day of your elevation
 You learn there is no plan for graduation
No one to witness years of dedication
Was, this choice given any consideration?

Do not despair, or show frustration
We cannot change a bad situation
For this country now faces eradication
As a pandemic plows across our nation

You are a graduate of life and motivation
With the spirit to fight this contamination
Soon we will enjoy its’ termination
And all will cherish a great celebration