Fifteen days until Christmas

And what have you done

Just starting shopping

Don’t forget anyone

I tried to avoid the crowds

By shopping the stores online

Some stores ship quickly

Others take their time

I expect some late arrivals

Must wrap them as best I can

Can’t run out of paper or tags

What happened to my perfect plan

Now, I must run

Got shopping to do

Fifteen days until Christmas

Happy shopping to you





 Thanksgiving is almost here
 We waited the whole darn year
 It’s not the same as years before
 Still you will find me at the door
 To welcome family to my home
 And even those who are alone
 The table is set, the turkey done
 The time for us has begun
 I am thankful we had this day
 To be together come what may
 It is time for all of us to part
 I thank you all from my heart 




Not a creature was stirring. Not even the Cat

    As the Holidays grow closer and closer, I have mixed emotions. Some happy. Some sad

Happy, because it is my favorite time of the year… a time when families are closer and the bond is renewed. …When bells are ringing, and familiar music is heard everywhere. …When cheerful faces are smiling. …When we share with another, the joys of the season.

Sad, because I miss those who have gone and are no longer present at the gathering of our family, although they remain close in each of our hearts; never to be forgotten. Sad because there are others who are in need and who struggle to fill empty stomachs and spend what little they have for their family. 

It is a time to count one’s blessings.

 I am blessed and want to thank my followers for helping me become a better writer, and for the insight so many of you have, which has certainly helped me this year.

 I am blessed for my family, who keep me going, day after day, month after month, with their love, encouragement, and guidance.

 I am blessed every day as I watch my grandsons and my granddaughter mature into honorable young people.

I am blessed by all the wonders of the earth we live on, the opportunities given us, and that I am without want.

So to all, I wish you a happy Holiday and a happy New Year. …PAULA