Every article, essay, documentary, short story, and novel requires marketing, to create interest in readers to buy it.

      There are many “HOW TO” books on Marketing and selling your book. I discovered them easily by going online. You can also.

Here are a few: Bookmarketing offers publishing your book, selling and promoting it, by placing ads on Tv. radio, magazines and all social media. They claim to have a high success rate, with their sales of books due to their developed relationships with editors and producers., attracts readers looking for deals on books either free or discounted at 99 Cents, claiming their readers check daily for new book offerings. They have up to 4 million readers and for a nominal price, guarantee successful promotion and sale of your novel.

I inquired about TOP EMAIL MARKETING PROVIDERS 2022.      Listed are some I found:


I was also directed to another website “COMPARISON 411.COM “suggesting we use them to compare email marketing providers. (They do offer a free trial.)

      A free KDP BOOK PROMOTION is a way to promote your book on “Amazon.” Check UTube, by “Reedsy” for information on promotion, key words, Amazon’s algorithm, and much more.

Have you used a marketing provider, e-mail, or discounting to sell more books?  I humbly ask you to advise me whom you used and how it worked out. I believe your response will be helpful to other writers who are in the process of making that important decision.

               Respond to: Thanks so much, Paula

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