I have always had a love of reading, beginning with “Nursery Rhymes” at a young age, and later with Fairy Tales read to us kids every Saturday morning at the public library. I read many books, mesmerized by the written words, compelling me to turn another page.  I marveled at the author’s technique for capturing emotion—moving a plot along, describing characters so real, I knew them well. I read on as they matured and grew within the pages of the book. I envied the ability of the authors in creating a perfect ending to their stories.

As I grew older, I wrote short stories; created limericks; and wrote rhymed poems.  I was happy knowing I had a skill, but I was not satisfied. I wanted to write as well as my favorite authors, and realized I needed additional schooling. After taking several online writing courses, I was inspired again, but took my time learning more, asking questions, and reading, reading, reading.

I learned even more during that period. Working full time made it difficult to find the time to devote to writing. That woke me up to the fact that I am a PANTZER, (putting writing second), and not a PLOTTER (knowing where my story was going) I realized that my style of writing leaned toward Middle Grade, and I was torn between several genres and could not settle on one. I loved SCI-FI, and loved all Disney FANTASY movies, including ROMANCE, such as The “OUTLANDER” Books, that kept me reading without a break. I questioned myself, many times, asking if I was dedicated enough to become an author without deciding my favorite genre .I decided, YES!

My first novel was a contemporary young adult story about teen gangs in 1950’s New York. My second was a Fantasy about Fairies cursed centuries ago, by an evil goddess, attempting to break the curse.

Can you say you are ready to work hard, devote the necessary time to perfect your story, continue to learn every day by seeking advice from the many writing groups available, accept criticism and rejection, believing it is making you a better writer, learn to be a PLOTTER, who gets things done, and write every day; (remember, you have a story to tell) without ever, ever, thinking to give up? Then,


Good luck, Paula

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