Do you believe that most people do not have a passion? They go day to day doing what they think is necessary.

Passion is a mixture of a strong need, a hunger to learn, the spirit of I can do it, and the fortitude to, never give up.

Writers are passionate people. You can find them sitting at a computer keyboard pounding out their soul and forming images created by their imagination. Writers are endowed with inspiration and committed to explore the events occurring in a human’s lifetime; constantly working towards understanding phenomena; opening new doors by creating visions in our minds, that give us purpose..

Passionate writings deal with life’s fears and goals, sharing inspiration, and can motivate readers to improve their lives. Passionate writers dig deep into their own souls, to use words, descriptions, and information, that will connect to readers.

To become a passionate writer, one must learn to accept the events of all humanity, whether evil or good, as a learning tool, allowing you, the writer, to change what is wrong, and express your admiration for achievements that promote good, using only words.

It is not easy being a writer.  Your work needs, editing, sometimes re-writing, correcting punctuation errors, and other changes. But, that comes later.  First, sit at that keyboard, and START WRITING!



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