Last week, I was sad about so many things.  Somehow, I could not find a happy place. After meditating and searching all my memories, I found the one place, where I am always happy. Maybe some of you still need to find your Happy Place—a place where you are free from worry; can refresh your state of mind, and lift your spirits.

WHAT IS THE MEANING OF A HAPPY PLACE?   “It is an activity, a memory, a place, or situation that makes you feel happy.”

            For me it is the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. I love the forests; the majestic mountains with clouds touching the tops; listening to the water running down from the peaks into streams, my toes enjoying the coolness of the rushing water, and the bears searching for food standing in the middle of a road, causing a bear jam.

Here are a few suggestions to help you find your happy place.

A. Remember the places where you enjoyed yourself.—A park, a movie, a family gathering, a party, the beach, time with friends, the spa, etc. Feel yourself, there, in your happy environment, content and peaceful; your body relaxed.   
B. Try something new—a new dish, a new recipe, or bake cookies and decorate them with funny sayings.

C. Share laughs with friends, family, and neighbors.  Step away from your home, the computer, and social media, and, allow yourself to enjoy being with others.

D. Take a drive to a new destination. Make it a day trip and experience life in a new place.

E. Dreams can be your happy place… a boat; a beach home, a new car, a vacation, or any imagined place that increases your happiness. We all have dreams…

The next time you feel sad, try going to your happy place and allowing those memories to lift your spirits and renew your frame of mind.


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