For the safety of others, and myself, I obeyed the orders to remain at home, but now I am ready to leave and get back to work. At first, I enjoyed getting up later, not having to primp, choose what to wear, and jump into my car and get on the highway in time. With each passing day I grew lazier until Word Press’s Discover Prompts, started the daily “Word” a challenge for writers to keep on writing.  Each day was a different word to write about and I know that many of you participated.  It was fun and a great distraction from boredom.

One of my passions is writing verse.so I took the opportunity to answer the daily word in Verse, and did not expect the response I received. I thank you all for your kind words.  Now that I am eager to leave my house, I expressed my feelings with another Verse.


Today marks eight weeks at home.

Feel like a prisoner under a dome

I understand the urgent need

The time has come to be freed

I want to smell some fresh air

And take a walk to anywhere

I am tired of the same old news

And listening to hundreds of views

Let’s ask Mother Nature to end this curse

Because things could not be any worse

As always, I welcome all comments.  Thanks, Paula


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