I have stayed at home for one month and five days, obeying the rules of my State, New Jersey. My children have kept me fed by bringing me groceries, and leaving them at the front door of my home,

I have not left the house, except to sit on my patio in the backyard, and get some fresh air and sun.  I have not ventured out or gone to any store, and cancelled all my appointments. I am working hard at keeping my spirits up. I know many of you are feeling the same as I am and understand what I mean.

My Television is on constantly, watching movies, shows, and learning what so many others are doing to keep us safe, and they inspire me—a thank you will never be enough.

However, there will be a time when this will pass and we will resume as normal a life as possible.  Like any other pandemic or wars, or 9/11. We will never forget, and we will go on.

My hope for all of you out there is keep positive, keep busy and most of all keep safe.


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