MY FAVORITE TEACHER                       by Paula Perron

My favorite teacher was my first grade teacher, Mrs. Callie.  Why?

Like most kids beginning in the 1st grade, I was petrified. I was not one of the more fortunate ones who attended kindergarten to learn  to socialize while learning.  I was extremely shy. I remember her kindness in welcoming all the new students with a big smile. At that time, I was the only one who was left-handed in the entire class of over 25, and when she began a lesson on cursive writing, I was in trouble. She encouraged me, for months and, I did learn to write with my left hand.

She had a son, who performed on Broadway, named Jim Callie, and she told us stories of his success performing in one musical after another. Sometimes, she would play a recording of him singing. How I wished then to be as successful I realized, years later, every story she told was to inspire the class to follow their dreams. Her patience and encouragement relieved much of my shyness during that year, and I learned how to mingle with others, and participate in class. 

No other teacher, after that, stimulated my mind and gave me the confidence, to keep following my dreams.

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