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Want to add a little Spice to your writing?  Try using Metaphors/ Similes.

            What is the difference between a Simile and a Metaphor?     Similes use like or as. “I feel like the last rose of Summer”) A Metaphor does not.

Simile refers to something as being the same, when it is not. A Metaphor compares two objects (“Birds of a feather flock together”)

When you speak of a person, place or action as being something else, even though it is not the same, you are speaking metaphorically. The use of metaphors appeals to the creative imagination of your readers, and adds dimension to conversations and your characters.

Metaphors are used every day in songs, poetry, literature, the Bible, and conversations. Most of the time, we do not realize it because we hear them over and over.


If you want to express an emotion or action as a metaphor, let your imagination run wild by completing a sentence using one of the five senses (Touch, Sight, Taste, Smell, and Sound).

Imagine the word is Lecture.

1.His lecture  is as sweet as honey.

2.His lecture  stinks.

3.His lecture  brings light to the darkness.

4.His lecture  rings true.

5.His lecture   is as cold as a winter day.

If none of the above senses work, use your imagination and try another word.  Be original.

  1. His speech reminded me of a candidate running for election.
  2. His speech reminds   me of a desperate salesman.
  3. His speech brings music to my ears

After you decide on a metaphor, ask yourself–Is it clear, vivid, readable, and does it relate to your thoughts for the character, or scene

In my latest story, a young woman is hospitalized with a serious injury and she is feeling sorry for herself.   Below are a few Metaphors I used to express her emotions:

  1. My head feels like I consumed too much wine the evening before.

2.  I am alone, and feel as one does in a crowded room filled with strangers.

  1. I am like a rose, watching my petals fall off, one by one, until there is none.

There are many Self-Help books out there and information, ready to educate writers. In my research I always find more than I hoped for—so, beginning with this post, I plan to share the links to books and other sources, I find valuable to all of us writers.

 Text Book available on AMAZON…$8.48 Learn how using Metaphors can bring life to your story. Click on Photo.

Happy Metaphor, Paula

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