Every now and then a writer needs inspiration. I know I do. Rather than sitting at your computer with a blank stare, try the following.

book-rose-sml        Read other Books.

If you write History, read history books, and learn mannerisms, dialect, dress, all of which can produce realistic dialogue.  If it’s Romance you are interested in, then read the books from the  best romance authors, and learn  how they convey love, passion, devotion, or the opposite –deceit, betrayal, and disloyalty. The same goes for writing Mysteries, Science Fiction, or Horror.  I find after reading a book, I can’t wait to return to my own writing desk.

music-         Listen to MUSIC

Music always inspires me—especially from an artist I admire.  Sometimes, all I want to hear is Classical; like Rachmaninoff Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, which pulls me emotionally into a creative state, or any Piano Concerto by Chopin or Mozart that I can listen to for hours on end. Many times, I go back to the music of years past, and play my favorite ballads or the music of the swing era.


One of the most important incentives is the BLOG of others who write about everything and anything relevant to life. I am amazed at how many Blog authors have a natural talent of finding interesting subjects to write about.  They help me find a new positive attitude when I am at a loss for inspiration.  Blogs offer you the opportunity to see how others think, and how to develop a fresh look at your craft.  They improve my style; my presentation; and are helpful in guiding me to write something my readers will enjoy.

“There is always Room at the Top”   Daniel Webster”              READ QUOTES

If I am writing a paranormal book, I look for quotes that touch on this subject.  If it is a contemporary book, I look for quotes that touch on life today.   There are many ways to find quotes to inspire your writing, you can Google it, or do as I did and purchase a book of Quotations. .


Magazines—On-line articles that take on a new meaning. Take a walk on the beach— dip your feet in the water and return to nature. Remember your dreams and jot them down. Read the  newspapers for interesting articles, and ask google for information on how others inspire themselves.

Happy writing, Paula


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