Jack of Hearts

                 LIFE IN THE 1940’S AND 1950’S

Ever wonder about life in the 1940's and 1950's, in New York City?.  What is it like to be a teenager at that time?

 "Jack of Hearts" is such a novel and takes you through a time when teen gangs ruled the neighborhoods, and rebellion was an everyday occurrence. This book has romance, rowdiness, a hint of crime, and lots of rebellion. Street gangs were a brotherhood that demonstrated "strength in numbers". they fought hard to protect their territory with fists and knives, then guns. These teens, like those of today, struggled to reconcile who they are, who they want to be, and who everyone else thinks they should be.


Eleven o’clock Friday night and the moon, at its brightest, illuminated the evening skies, spreading light into the darkness. It was easy to spot the lone figure, in the distance and recognize the bright red jacket with the familiar “Comets” written in bold black letters.

An enemy has wandered into One Eyed Jacks territory–NOT A SMART THING TO DO!



Jack of Hearts available in Paperback…..$4.95, plus shipping

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Author: Paula Perron

Born in New York City and lived in the Bronx until I moved to Florida, married and had three children. When all girls graduated from College, my husband and I returned to the area, and now live in New Jersey.

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