Hidden Hills

Book-1 – The Search

In the 21st century, in the mysterious forests of the mountains, dwell a Medieval clan of Fairies, hidden from the world for centuries until a human finds his way to their secluded town, resulting in a chain of events that threaten their existence. In their hidden society where no human ever dared to venture before, the Queen finds herself faced with events testing her authority, the consequences of loving a human, and the ongoing conflict with an evil Goddess who awaits the opportune time when she can destroy the Fairies. The Queen knows that any decision she makes will affect the future of her clan, and all the others she is sworn to protect. In the mortal world, where stories of Gods, Goddesses, Fairies, Elves and magic, are thought to be merely myths, there is no one she can look to for help.

Book-2 “The Selkie“,

A tale of a human female, who died, and is reborn as a seal creature. She assumes human form to enable her to search for her former mate, now wed to Princess Shaylee. The Queen is, once again, placed in a perilous position as she realizes by sending the Selkie, the Goddess Morrigan has launched her attack. Morrigan, in an effort to insure success, sends her warrior son, who falls, in defeat, at the combined magic of the Fairy clans. Her anger is incensed by their victory and she beckons all of her powers to eliminate the fairies and all who come to their aid.

Book-3 “The Stand

In the final Chapter of the conflict between the Fairies and the Goddess Morrigan, their endurance is tested over and over again, as Morrigan attacks each of the Queen’s Allys, by sending supernatural fierce dogs, her Ravens with razor sharp talons, and giant creatures with two heads, resulting in massive death and destruction amongst the elves, the wood Sprites, and all others. The Allies join together in an effort to stop her attacks, and as they grow weary and weakened, with each ineffective counter-offensive, an unlikely hero makes an appearance.

Buy the Hidden Hills Trilogy (in Paperback) for $9.95, plus shipping

THE SEARCH …buy for.. $3.95, plus shipping

THE SELKIE, buy for $3.95, plus shipping

THE STAND, buy for $3.95, plus shipping

Author: Paula Perron

Born in New York City and lived in the Bronx until I moved to Florida, married and had three children. When all girls graduated from College, my husband and I returned to the area, and now live in New Jersey.

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