After months working on my new Novel,–then reading it, editing it, reading it again, editing it again, I think I am ready for the next step. In the hope of improving my craft, aware it still needs work… it is time for “Critique.org.”

What is Critique.org?   It is a website that critiques the work of all authors and genres of writing   (-Definition: a formal analysis and evaluation of a story, article or Novel.)

I was so anxious to write and publish my first Novel; I did not offer it to a professional to Critique. Yes, it took me almost a year to complete my first Novel.  I did my own editing, re-read it again, and made more adjustments, and then published it.  Had I consulted any one, I am certain I would have been advised to send my completed manuscript to CRITIQUE.ORG. After all they have been around over 20 years, and helped beginners and published authors.  Had I done so, I would have learned where my story needed help, learned how to refine my novel and received help to place myself on the path to success. This definitely would have helped me Grow as an author.

I strongly recommend CRITIQUE.ORG, home to workshops for all genres of writing – music, art, photography, web site design, authors and more.

It began life some twenty odd years ago as “CRITTERS”, an on-line workshop and critique group for science fiction/horror/fantasy writers and later expanded into workshops for all kinds of artistic endeavors.

The requirements are simple.  Your work is critiqued in exchange for critiquing the work of others. CRITTERS is large, (several thousand members from ultra-beginners to multi-novel professionals)

They furnish you with in-depth critiques, of several hundred words, in a courteous and diplomatic way, even if the news is bad.  Critters also critiques short stories as well as novels and other large works.  If it is a lengthy Novel, you may send it in pieces (Chapters at a time).   In approximately one month from when you submit your manuscript, you will receive 10-20 reviews.  You will learn where the story needs work, enabling you to make those adjustments.

                            Is it time for your work to be Critiqued?

Happy Writing,


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